Thursday, January 29, 2009


The Unique difference of the teachings of Blessed One is that he alone emphasised the importance of Mind in ones life and the possibility of understanding and taming the mind to attain Noble status.

The third basket ( Pitaka) of the Tipitaka comprises of Abidhamma and it is purely the Science of the mind. The understanding of this aspect of Dhamma improves ones chances to live a useful life. Honable Mr. A.D.M.Buddhadasa, who passed away in late sixtees was the most proficient Abidharma teacher we had. This is a series of recordings from the Abhidharma Classes he conducted at “ Sri Kalyana Mithra Sanghamaya” at Railway Avenue, Nugegoda.

The large number of files are divided in to several MP3 Discs for your convenience. You can download them one at a time and burn on to CDs. Please make copies and distributed among Sangha members and others who can make use of them.

Introduction to Abhidhamma : Talk by Ven Narada Maha Swaminwahanse

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